Hi, I'm Itay.  A UX/UI Designer

I live in Edinburgh with my lovely wife and daughter.  I have vast experience working in social care and my social studies helped me supporting people as well as deallng with professionals. There is no missing link for me going into UX/UI as user centre approach is something that I am very familiar with and value. Designing websites and having my own business also helped me to understand working with different customers. Above all I value respect for customers/users and colleagues and designing product that is tailored to the users' needs. What else? I love playing my ukulele and singing along to whoever happens to be in the vicinity I also love walks and spending time with the Idan's gang. My useless party trick is balancing a grape on my nose. My saying for the day: With hard work, you can achieve grapeness!


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Itay Idan - Edinburgh- Scotland UK


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